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Important Things to Know for Amarnath Pilgrimages

All the pilgrims should need Important Things to Know the things to carry and safety services during amarnath pilgrimage. 

  1. Medical Certificate (CHC), Pilgrims will arrange by own city. The Pilgrims through helicopter pilgrimage, Without Compulsory health certificate (CHC)/ Medicals, pilgrims not permitted to go for darshan.
  2. Pilgrims of trekking packages has to submit medical form and get registration pass is enough for yatra.
  3. Pilgrims with Trekking registration pass Should report to Chandanwari gate on the date of Registration.
  4. All pilgrims should have RFID card.
  5. There is the age limitation b/w 13 years to 70 Years (Bellow 13 year and above 70 year) age person not eligible to go for Amarnath darshan at all.
  6. Pregnant lady more than 06 weeks not permitted to go for darshan.
  7. Amarnath cave is situated at altitude of 12756 ft. so Oxygen level very less over there, pilgrim’s advice that they carry oxygen pouch for own safety.
  8. Pilgrims have problem of Sugar, Ashthama, High blood Pressure, Heart Attack / Bi-pass surgeryor any other type of patient should be avoiding to go Amarnath yatra.
  9. Pilgrims Should carry Woolen cloth/ Leather Jacket/ Good quality trekking shoe/ Rain coat/ Umbrella/ torch etc.
  10. In Kashmir Prepaid sim not working, there work postpaid sim or pilgrims has buy local sim overthere. (BSNL/ AIRTEL) good.
  11. Pilgrims come for Amarnath yatra on own risk, for any damage/lass due to terrorist attack, curfew, war, Natural Disasters or any other reason Religious Tour and Travel will not responsible.
  12. Pilgrims come to Jammu from own city and coming to Srinagar suggest to should come by flight only, if they travel by road and will get delay to reach Srinagar due to land slide/ Attack or due to any security purpose, Religious Tour and travel will not be responsible and will not change any plan and service.
  13. No show, No Refund
  14. Religious tour and travel responsible to Arrange Helicopter ticket only (For Helicopter Packages) for our Pilgrims, there are no any other role of ours.
  15. Helicopter Company will do rest of the things like boarding/De-boarding, rescheduling/ cancelling due to bad weather, rain and all
  16. If helicopter will cancel due to bad weather/rain or due to any other reason, pilgrims has to collect amount of helicopter ticket cost directly from helicopter counter or take stamped ticket and email to helicopter agency and do in CC/BCC to our email id- for confirmation and getting refund by airline company.
  17. Pilgrims should read our terms & condition and our cancellation policy from our website
  18. Pilgrims booking tour packages with Religious Tour and Travel Tour agency must agree to our allterms and conditions policy and should not deny later.
  19. These details are for The Pilgrims Has Booking Tour packages with Religious Tour and Travel.
  20. The Amarnath Pilgrimage holy cave is situated at the altitude of 12756 ft., so Oxygen level is very low over there. weather is not always good, rain problem, mountains cold air blow, weather problem, health issue. So To Pilgrims advice the read the details and bring important thing during your pilgrimage for pilgrims safety.
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